Kelly Becker of Schneider Electric comments on National Apprenticeship Week

Company to double the number of opportunities in the Schneider Electric UK & Ireland apprentice scheme this year

“Some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of working with have climbed the ranks through our apprenticeship programme," says Kelly.

"Apprenticeships offer a dynamic and fulfilling route to success, fostering both technical and interpersonal skills ... and the flexibility to shift roles based on business learning, allowing talent to progress quickly."

"Local programmes such as ours allow businesses to plug regional skills gaps and future proof their workforces for years to come, while helping progress the government’s focus on green jobs up and down the country."

"We know that apprenticeships create skills for life, but we also appreciate that there is still a general lack of awareness in the market about their benefits."

"Often, people don’t know where to start or perceive roles to be limited to manual labour. As National Apprenticeship Week approaches, it should serve as a reminder that businesses must play a vital role in changing perceptions, including by working with education providers to increase the understanding of the opportunities available.”

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