Liverpool and Imperial College London to lead UK’s flagship £12m AI for Chemistry Hub

Published: 6-Feb-2024

The University of Liverpool and Imperial College London will lead a £12 million research hub to develop AI for Chemistry, thanks to investment from the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and consortium partners

The AI for Chemistry Hub, AlChemy, will bring together leading academic researchers, industry and other stakeholders to promote a collaborative community, offer training and create new approaches at the rapidly evolving AI-chemistry interface to position the UK as the global leader in Digital Chemistry.

AI tools such as machine learning, automation and robotics have the potential to support faster chemistry discoveries to address key societal needs, but this requires the coordinated engagement of leaders in both AI and chemistry to stay at the forefront of innovation in this field.

AIChemy will ensure that the chemical sciences community is able to exploit the AI revolution so that researchers can provide solutions to global challenges such as net zero emissions and global health.

Professor Andy Cooper, from the University of Liverpool’s Department of Chemistry and Materials Innovation Factory (MIF), and Professor Kim Jelfs, from the Department of Chemistry and the Institute for Digital Molecular Design and Fabrication (DigiFAB), at Imperial College London are coleading this unique consortium.

Professor Andy Cooper said: “This is the UK’s first academic-industrial institute of its kind dedicated to supporting collaboration between chemistry and AI researchers."

Professor Kim Jelfs said: “AI has the potential to transform chemistry and this new cross-disciplinary research hub aims to ensure that the UK is at the forefront of the AI chemistry revolution.”

AIChemy will draw on world-leading specialist facilities and research institutes where cross-discipline working already exists. These include DigiFAB and I-X at Imperial College London and the MIF at Liverpool.

Together, this world leading Hub will transform the UK landscape for the discipline of chemistry, transforming engagement with AI from a relatively niche activity to a core, platform methodology.

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