Manufacturing Chemist Stand Side with Piramal Pharma Solutions

Published: 17-Nov-2023

Having recently completed a successful rights issue related to the India stock market, Peter DeYoung, Piramal Pharma Ltd's CEO talks about the company's new and improved management programme, patient centricity and more

At this year's CPHI Barcelona, Manufacturing Chemist Stand Side caught up with Peter to discuss pharmaceutical market trends, such as the effects of the Inflation Reduction Act on the industry and reshoring, both in North America and India. 

He also provided updates on PPS’s Lexington sterile fill finish site, its integration with the Riverview API facility and the new plant's role in the company's ADCelerate programme (an integrated offering with the Grangemouth site providing rapid INDs for ADCs).

And, addressing complex lyophilised formulations, he also talked about API expansions at PPS sites worldwide and the global market demand for API/HPAPIs.

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