MedPharm expands formulation science relationship with Novan

Published: 24-Jul-2019

MedPharm has previously supported Novan by testing the company’s unique formulations using its proprietary in vitro models to optimise Novan’s formulations and derisk product development

MedPharm, a leader in topical and transdermal drug delivery, has expanded its relationship with the NASDAQ listed biopharmaceutical company Novan Inc.

The newly expanded agreement between the companies will broaden the relationship to include development of formulations and selection of product candidates, cost-effective product target screening and the development of in vitro models focused on Novan’s nitric oxide product technology.

“MedPharm is delighted to be able to support Novan in advancing and broadening its product pipeline,” commented Eugene Ciolfi, MedPharm’s President and CEO.

“Our new agreement allows us to react quickly to changes in requirements and makes full use of MedPharm’s comprehensive services for derisking Novan’s product development.”

“Novan recognises MedPharm has in-depth experience in developing new topical products fit for commercialisation,” added Paula Brown Stafford, Novan’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

“The team’s responsiveness, rigorous scientific approach and specialised knowledge makes MedPharm an ideal partner to help Novan achieve its objectives.”

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