New VSO LowPro pneumatic valve model

Published: 28-Apr-2017

Newest model for the miniature proportional valve, for original equipment manufacturers working in flow rate of inert gases control

The Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin, motion and control technologies company, has released its newest model for the miniature proportional valve VSO LowPro.

The new model utilises a smaller orifice (0.76mm) within the same small VSO LowPro footprint (16x14mm) for flow control of 0–30 SLPM.

Typical applications for the new model of the VSO LowPro valve include pressure control, volumetric flow control and pulse dose control.

Parker has expanded its pressure specifications for its new Model 3 and existing Models 4 and 5 up to 100psi with flows up to 57 SLPM.

Additionally, the VSO LowPro series focuses on reliability of operation and is qualified for up to 100 million cycles with a Reliability Factor of 0.96 and a Confidence Interval of 99%.

The VSO LowPro family also allow designers to reduce power or battery size due to an efficient typical power requirement of one Watt.

The series also provides engineers with a breadth of configurations including four orifice sizes ranging 0.76–2.03mm, three voltage levels (5, 12 and 24 Volts) and manifold mount accessories to handle air, oxygen or any non-reactive, non-condensing gases; all while complying with Reach, RoHS, CE, IP65 and ISO 15001 regulations.

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