ACG Inspection opens showcase room in Moscow


New experience studio and technical centre focuses on cryptocode compliant traceability and serialisation requirements

Ettore Cucchetti, CEO of ACG

Ettore Cucchetti, CEO of ACG

ACG Inspection (ACGI) has recently launched a state-of-the-art experience studio in Moscow to showcase a range of product lines and the application integration capabilities that are required under the serialisation mandate.

With an increased local presence, ACG Inspection has pioneered in becoming market-ready and crypto-code compliant for comprehensive serialisation aggregation solutions for the Russian pharmaceutical industry. This new experience studio and technical centre in Moscow will cater to the entire Russian and European market and will tackle all implementation and interoperability challenges faced at level 0 all the way to level 5 in the end-to-end supply chain.

ACG Inspection is a specialist track and trace provider for the pharmaceutical industry. With pharma serialisation experience of over 850+ packaging lines across the world, ACG Inspection is the only market-ready company, offering complete level 1 to level 5, Track and Trace solutions.

Regulatory compliance

“Russia’s Track and Trace regulation is actually one of the most comprehensive regulations in the world, which is not only looking towards addressing the issue of counterfeit medicines but also to envisages intensive monitoring and evaluation of the entire pharmaceuticals market," said Ettore Cucchetti, CEO of ACG Inspection. He added: "We also appreciate the initiative taken by the government for the introduction of similar regulations in other key industries in Russia. It will strongly enable consumer empowerment in Russia."

Cucchetti explained that the company is constantly evolving its solutions, quickly adapting them to new requirement raised for regional regulations. "As in this specific case for Russia, the Cryptocode integration, multiple events reporting to government portals etc. We believe, our local presence in Russia will help us to confirm and consolidate our capabilities and readiness for the Track and Trace market to the customer,” he said.

The machines at display at the demo centre include the VeriShield range that offers Track & Trace solutions for serialisation and aggregation of cartons and bottles at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of packaging for regulated markets. Fully integrated hardware and software solutions can implement serialisation and aggregation for Track and Trace solutions in a phased manner.

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The machines and solutions at demo centre include:

  • VeriShield CS13: Online compact print, inspect & reject
  • VeriShield CA31: Intermediate aggregation with label printer
  • VeriShield CA41: Aggregation with label printer
  • VeriShield SM300: Plant management suite