Action launches new system to produce rubber seals


The new rubber mixing system will produce aerosol valve/trigger pump gaskets for pharmaceutical applications across the globe

Action Technology, a Tekni-Plex business unit specialising in aerosol and pump dispensing system components, has commissioned a multi million dollar rubber mixing system and building expansion project at its Schaumburg, Illinois, facility. The rubber compounds produced by the new system are used by Action to manufacture gaskets for aerosol valves and trigger pumps used in food/beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, industrial and household products.

The Schaumburg project is part of Action Technology’s multiyear investment programme in its European and US rubber facilities to enhance supply security for global customers.

We can now offer increased capacity and seamless global supply

“The new system offers significant benefits to dispensing pump and aerosol valve producers, as well as their global consumer packaged goods customers. We can now offer increased capacity and seamless global supply using the same technology at our US operation as we have at our site near Milan, Italy. Customers will now be able to qualify a compound once and be confident that we can supply it from two global locations. Standardisation across facilities is critical for multinational companies requiring a secondary supply source,” said Jim Carosella, General Manager, Action Technology US.

The new manufacturing technology is also able to provide integrated traceability, from raw material lots all the way to finished goods. This capability is particularly important for pharmaceutical and food applications where traceability is frequently mandated to meet quality standards. The equipment also includes significant safeguards that support Action Technology’s safety initiatives.

“The addition of this new leading-edge rubber processing facility is another example of Action Technology’s commitment to supporting its customers (and their customers) with unmatched quality, reliability and technology,” said Carosella.

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