American Peptide to expand manufacturing capacity at Vista


Move will enable APC to process large-scale peptide production and meet cGMP standards

American Peptide Company (APC), a provider of peptides and peptide-based services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, is to ramp up its cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) peptide manufacturing capabilities as well as its service offerings.

The expansion of its facility in Vista, California, US will allow APC to process large-scale peptide production needs while still meeting the high standards of GMP regulations.

The expansion will take place in three main areas of purification, synthesis and lyophilisation.

Four new peptide purification suites will be added for large-scale purification projects. The company also plans to build two new synthesis suites, both for solution phase and solid phase.

For the lyophilisation process, another capacity tray will be added to allow the release of multi-kg single batches of peptide APIs.

‘As the demand for peptide-based therapies increases, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance our operations to meet customer demands for large volumes without compromising our high standards for production,’ said Takahiro Ogata, chief operating officer of APC.

In addition to the expansion of its manufacturing capabilities, APC continues to offer the Total Peptide Management programme as a way of providing customers with increased regulatory support and value-added services. The programme offers a broad portfolio of peptides, and expert consultation to support customers as drug products move from discovery to development and commercialisation.