Aprecia and Battelle partner on 3D printing

The collaboration will aim to advance 3D printing equipment from clinical supply through commercial scale, while increasing manufacturing throughput and efficiency at every level

Aprecia is partnering with Battelle to accelerate and expand its 3D printing capabilities for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

"Aprecia’s internal equipment design team and its current technology partners have established its global leadership in 3DP commercial scale manufacturing. The Aprecia leadership team is highly optimistic about combining its years of 3DP experience with the innovation and engineering talents of Battelle,” said Aprecia CEO, Chris Gilmore. “We believe this partnership will have long-term impact on Aprecia’s ability to solve medication design challenges that will offer significant benefits to patients across multiple therapeutic categories.”

“Additive manufacturing (3DP) is expanding rapidly and across many industries. Aprecia has invested the time and resources necessary to become the leader in 3DP pharmaceutical manufacturing,” said Sanj Pai, Vice President and General Manager of Battelle’s Health business. “We envision great opportunities in leveraging Aprecia equipment platforms and intellectual property to best serve the pharmaceutical industry.”