BASF and Coloron to develop film coating systems

Kollicoat Smartseal 30 D has taste masking and moisture barrier properties

BASF and Colorcon are to collaborate on the development of film coating systems using BASF’s Kollicoat Smartseal 30 D, and a new Colorcon pre-formulated additive.

Kollicoat Smartseal 30 D has both taste masking and moisture barrier properties and was developed to simplify and accelerate aqueous film coating operations.

Colorcon has developed a pre-formulated additive that enables the polymer to be used in taste masking applications.

‘We have chosen Kollicoat Smartseal 30 D because it is the best-in-class reverse enteric polymer for taste masking,’ said Kamlesh Oza, general manager, Film Coating at Colorcon. ‘It opens new doors for formulating tablet, pellet, and particle coatings.’

Oza added: ‘Our collaboration to develop the additive will bring batch-to-batch colour consistency, performance, speed and simplicity enabling easy reconstituting of the film former in pharmaceutical coating operations while maintaining functionality.’

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