BIA Separations agrees pact with CBST in India


To develop new bioseparation platforms and technologies

Austrian firm BIA Separations and the Centre for Bio Separations Technology (CBST) at VIT University in India have agreed to work together to develop new bioseparation platforms and technologies.

They will also establish a BIA Separations Platform of Excellence at CBST to offer technical support, contract research and services to the biopharmaceutical industry.

CBST/VIT says linking up with BIA Separations will give it access to technologies and expertise in downstream purification and separations of large bio-molecules, which will complement its own research capabilities to help bridge the gap between industry and academia in the area of bioseparations.

BIA Separations says the partnership will not only bring benefits to the biopharmaceutical industry and academic research in India but also worldwide.

The firm says the collaboration is also in-line with its plans to establish an operation in India.

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The Indian Ministry of Science and Technology created CBST/VIT in 2005 to develop bioseparation technology research and train Indian scientists in protein expression, production of monoclonal antibodies and other bioactive molecules and their purification. BIA Separations develops and manufactures CIM Convective Interaction Media, which are short monolithic chromatographic columns optimised for the separation and purification of large biomolecules and viral particles on the laboratory and industrial scale.