Berlin Packaging to sell Sanner desiccant product in US

Published: 31-Aug-2012

Exclusive agreement will expand Berlin’s product portfolio and customer base

Sanner, a German manufacturer of high quality plastic packaging components for pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare products, has signed an exclusive agreement with Berlin Packaging, a US supplier of plastic, glass and metal containers and closures, for the distribution of Sanner’s 360° Capsule desiccant capsules to customers in the US.

The co-operation will support Berlin in enhancing its portfolio, especially in the desiccant segment. Sanner’s US subsidiary, Sanner USAwill keep its office in Marlton, New Jersey, to serve its key customers directly, while the agreement with Berlin Packaging will help to extend Sanner’s services to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in the North American market.

‘Both companies benefit from this strategic alliance,’ explained Holger Frank, CEO of Sanner. ‘Berlin Packaging can expand its portfolio with our products and expertise in desiccants. For Sanner, Berlin Packaging is an ideal partner to commercialise our innovative solutions and to support our growth in the US.’

Unlike other desiccant capsules or canisters on the market, Sanner’s 360° Capsule absorbs moisture through a cardboard disc on the top and a unique grid structure on the side of the capsule. This guarantees moisture absorption wherever the capsule is located in the container.

Along with excellent drying properties, 360° Capsules ensure maximum user protection thanks to a distinctive shape that differentiates the desiccant from the capsules and thus avoids unintended ingestion of the desiccant, the company says.

Beyond the distribution of 360° Capsule, Berlin and Sanner intend to expand their alliance further to develop new sales opportunities across the US.

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