Bio-Rad introduces CFX Connect real-time PCR detection system

Offers the same thermal performance as the CFX96 Touch

CX Connect for reliable PCR on a limited budget

Bio-Rad Laboratories, has introduced the CFX Connect system for researchers seeking reliable, real-time PCR on a limited budget.

The CFX Connect system, which requires a computer for operation, offers the same thermal performance as the CFX96 Touch real-time PCR system. It uses a similar scanning optics shuttle design that reads each well individually with high sensitivity.

The CFX Connect detects two fluorophores in each well in duplex experiments and SYBR Green or EvaGreen in singleplex experiments.

Additional key benefits include:

  • Effortless optimisation, which saves time and reduces costs by optimising assays in a single run using the thermal gradient
  • Accurate data analysis using CFX Manager software
  • Accelerated publication submission by providing minimum information for publication of quantitative real-time PCR experiments (MIQE) annotations and real-time PCR data mark-up language (RDML) files using Biogazelle’s qbasePLUS software.