BioPharma Dynamics present their comprehensive process solutions for the Cell and Gene Therapy industry


Curating their extensive portfolio of process solutions to serve a multitude of cell therapy applications, BioPharma Dynamics are utilising their infrastructure and industry experience, to support the UK’s ever-growing cell and gene therapy sector

BioPharma Dynamics present their comprehensive process solutions for the Cell and Gene Therapy industry

As a global leader, the UK is largely recognised as a centre of excellence for the research and development of cell and gene therapies, playing host to more than 12% of global Cell & Gene Therapy clinical trials in 2019. Which has continued to grow over the last 12 months despite COVID-19-related restrictions and challenges.

Building upon the strong foundation of the UK’s life sciences industry, investment in talent, technology and innovation has placed the UK in a world leading position in the development of these advanced therapies.

BioPharma Dynamics, as a respected solutions provider to the UK Life Sciences industry with an established relationship in supplying to cell and gene therapy field, are poised to support the requirements of the sector as it continues to grow at an exponential rate. Working together with market-leading manufacturers, the Oxford and Manchester-based company offer the very best in single-use cell therapy process solutions, spanning from initial cell collection through to preparation for delivery.

The ability to be able to choose the correct product for a specific step in cell processing is important to end users, providing flexibility whilst ensuring sterility, BioPharma Dynamics have a variety of solutions available that can be further customised to suit each application.

In applications where safe freezing of biologics is required, Cryopreservation bags allow the processing of biologics down to -196°C whilst maintaining a closed system through freeze, thaw and transfer, ensuring sterility is maintained.

When processing rapidly expanding cell types, bags with high permeability to oxygen and carbon dioxide allow for increased gas exchange, by customising these bags to suit the specific application and volumes being processed, sterility is maintained and progressing through the different process steps becomes simpler.

The flexibility of the process becomes greater when combining the choice of bag types together with the ability to customise the design of tubing and connectors used within the process. Users can potentially work outside of the Isolator environment, by adapting tube welding and sealing or specially designed connectors into their process.

With proven success in bioprocessing applications using customised single-use solutions, this can be replicated and adopted in Cell & Gene Therapy development and processing. BioPharma Dynamics are committed to working with companies who have dedicated research and product development to meet the requirements of these lines of therapies.

In partnership with leading manufacturers specialising in the Cell & Gene Therapy industry, BioPharma Dynamics are able to work with customers from initial process development through to final product, offering bespoke solutions which are available from 1ml to 50L and can be supplied with low minimum order quantity requirements to suit development needs.

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