CYTENA unveils new generation B.SIGHT: a fully automated single-cell dispenser for micro-organisms

Published: 9-Aug-2022

CYTENA’s B.SIGHT will reduce timelines and cut costs on single-cell microbiology research

CYTENA, a BICO group company, a leading provider of high-precision instruments for handling biological cells, has launched a new instrument to streamline single-cell isolation in microbiology research.

The next generation B.SIGHT is taking the company’s automated single-cell isolation capabilities to the next level with special emphasis on handling bacteria, yeast and other micro-organisms.

“The new B.SIGHT brings isolation of bacteria and yeast to the next level,” said Dr Julian Riba, CEO of CYTENA.

“This second generation single-cell dispenser is really the outcome of a great collaboration between our team and our customers.”

For years, microbiologists have been interested in fully automating single-cell isolation from complex sample suspension in order to characterise unknown species. The new B.SIGHT has been designed to tackle this challenge efficiently and reliably.

“The new instrument provides more automation, faster processing speeds, higher resolution and precise dispensing,” said Dr Hussein Hamzeh, the B.SIGHT’s Product Manager.

Dr Hamzeh also explained that, in addition to optimising workflows, the B.SIGHT follows CYTENA’s philosophy on customer-conscious product design.

“Researchers using the B.SIGHT not only will be able to accelerate microorganism isolation workflows but also significantly reduce plastic waste.”

CYTENA believes the new B.SIGHT will accelerate and automate microbial cloning workflows in pharma and biotech companies. It will also revolutionise the microbiome field by enabling scientists to streamline their microbiome work and accelerate their path towards transformative medicine.

“We’re confident we can grow together with the customers who will introduce the B.SIGHT to their lab,” said Dr Riba.

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