Camfil Farr changes corporate namesake


Celebrating 50 years of providing clean air solutions

In 2000, Camfil, a European-based air filter manufacturer from Trosa in Sweden purchased Farr Company, a major US manufacturer of air filters. Following this acquisition, the official name of the company became Camfil Farr.

This year, Camfil celebrates 50 years of providing clean air solutions, and the Camfil name is now well-recognised in the United States. Since the acquisition of Farr Company, Camfil has expanded its operations worldwide, and become well established in Asia and Australia as well. As part of its 50-year celebration, the company has decided to return to its roots and its original name, Camfil. The corporate logo will now only display Camfil.

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Camfil is the world's largest air filter manufacturer, with sales approaching one-billion dollars. The Camfil mission remains steadfast: to manufacture, market and promote air filtration products with the lowest life cycle cost while providing clean air solutions consistent with protecting people, processes and the environment.