Chemtrix collaborates with Perceptive Engineering in Singapore

The company is collaborating with Perceptive Engineering, a multinational pharmaceutical company in Singapore, to deliver a solution for high value, low volume chemical/pharmaceutical production through small scale flexible continuous manufacturing

Following the successful GlobalStars award from the Eureka network, for the CONtinuously Optimal Platform Technology (CONOPT) project, Perceptive Engineering Singapore will bring together flow reactor hardware from Chemtrix, process development and advanced process control/analytics to develop a powerful AI platform (PerceptRON) and a Benefits Quantification Methodology (BQM) decision support tool. This integrated system will minimise the risks associated with transitioning from batch to continuous processing within the pharmaceutical sector.

The BQM will put a value on the potential advantages that can be derived from switching from batch to the more flexible continuous manufacturing systems, overcoming a key barrier in the development of an investment case for new technology over established assets.

David Lovett, CEO of Perceptive Engineering Singapore said: “Through this collaborative project we are expanding the Perceptive software platform, incorporating the latest AI techniques to simplify the setup, operation and performance of Chemtrix’s innovative flow reactors.

"With guidance from our pharmaceutical network, and specifically a partnership with a Pharmaceutical MNC in Singapore, we are developing the next generation operating platform and productivity tools for continuous flow chemistry manufacturing. Through the integration of PAT, Modern Experimental Designs, and precision model-based control, all embedded in a containerised platform, the system should hugely simplify the management of flow reactors.

"By adding a cloud connection and a business case assessment method for converting from batch to continuous processing, we believe we are delivering a comprehensive solution.

"We are excited and privileged to be working closely with Chemtrix & their global network of experts. The 20 month programme, now underway, will release an on-premise product in 2020, followed by the edge/cloud-based system in 2021.”

Dr Charlotte Wiles, CEO of Chemtrix BV commented: “Continuous manufacturing (CM or Flow Chemistry) is gaining global importance not only as a research tool but also as a production technique. Whilst benefits such as increased process safety, reduced energy consumption and reduced waste generation are widely noted, gaps remain in clearly defining a business case when assessing whether to go ‘batch to flow’ and subsequently in developing appropriate control strategies for CM.

"We are looking forward to strengthening our collaboration with Perceptive Engineering to develop this comprehensive hardware and software solution, culminating in a demonstrator with a leading pharmaceutical company in Singapore.”

Through the GlobalStars CONOPT project, the BQM, Optimised Experimental Design Platform & continuous flow PAT/model-based automation is being developed to increase productivity in advanced manufacturing companies focussed on complex formulated products such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals & personal healthcare products.

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