Cleanroom Technology Conference and Manufacturing Chemist LIVE: What you've missed so far

Published: 26-May-2022

The 350 person strong event saw great enthusiasm from exhibitors and delegates alike on day one, with the same expected today

From packed talks to a lively exhibitor hall and a fantastic networking environment, the two-day event is proving to be a great success.

Exhibitors and delegates alike have raved about the insightful talks on a range of topics. Buzzword subjects such as the latest in contamination control strategies and the use of flexible film isolators have been discussed, as well as Annex 1 - the elusive document is due this year - and it seems many are getting ahead of the game and preparing for the incoming changes before it is even published.

In real time, we have seen new leads be produced and new partnerships in their infancy

From the Cleanroom Technology Conference, we heard from Hasim Solmaz from LWS, who held a talk that sparked much conversation about the tube bending affect on particle loss in cleanroom monitoring. "You can use a portable particle measuring device alongside your device to see how much of your particle counts are being lost in your tubing. Just to be on the safe side!" Solmaz said.

On the Manufacturing Chemist LIVE side there has also been a huge focus on supply chains issues that are rife in the current world state. "The implications of artwork and labelling to drug delivery supply chains are often overlooked," said Gurdip Singh, CEO of Kallik. "However, delays and inaccurate artwork and labelling cause ripple effects throughout these supply chains, leading to production delays, added costs and compliance issues.given that Packaging labelling errors account for 30% of medication errors and 30% of deaths, we need to think of labels as data."


With more than 350 attendees, 66 exhibitors and 40+ speakers, there has been no shortage of influential and knowledgable people to talk to at the 2022 event.

In real time, we have seen new leads be produced and new partnerships in their infancy. A regular feedback from the exhibition floor has been how impressed attendees have been with the diversity of companies present.

The networking drinks, sponsored by Contec, were more popular than ever and it was great to see attendees really taking advantage of the most valuable aspect of the conference. These spontaneous conversations with strangers allow great business to flourish in a way that can't be achieved with a run-of-the-mill scheduled video call.

Singapore and 2023!

The enthusiasm this year has been unrivalled and it has been a wonderful atmosphere to be a part of for many. This has created a huge amount of excitement for the debut of Cleanroom Technology Conference's Singapore event in December.

Just a quick thank you to everyone who has been a part of the event, your expertise has been highly valued and appreciated, and we hope to see many of you in 2023!

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