Collaboration between Abcam and TTP Labtech to develop sol-R reagent kits


Assay ready kits will incorporate fully-validated, industry-leading recombinant antibody technology for high throughput research

Collaboration between Abcam and TTP Labtech to develop sol-R reagent kits

TTP Labtech, a specialist in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, and Abcam, a global innovator in life sciences reagents and tools, will collaborate to further develop reagent kits for the quantification of secreted proteins in multiplexed screening assays.

Following the successful launch last year of sol-R coded beads, TTP Labtech is working with Abcam to meet customer needs by developing assay ready kits that enable researchers to deliver data driven decisions faster and with confidence.

The sol-R reagent kits will offer Abcam’s highly validated and quality assured antibodies including recombinant antibody pairs, combined with the reliability of sol-R coded beads and mirrorball fluorescence cytometry technology from TTP Labtech for sample analysis.

Joby Jenkins, Director of Product Strategy at TTP Labtech, said: “Our sol-R coded beads are designed for secreted protein quantification in multiplexed no-wash immunoassay screens. Working with Abcam on the development of the sol-R reagent kits enables us to combine their advanced antibody technology and reagent expertise with our sol-R bead technology to provide convenient off-the-shelf kits.

"Since the kits are validated on TTP Labtech’s mirrorball plate-based fluorescent cytometer, repeated wash steps associated with traditional sandwich ELISA’s are no longer necessary, thereby significantly reducing assay times, while delivering data integrity.”

John Baker, Senior Vice President Portfolio and Business Development at Abcam, said: “The integration of Abcam’s high quality antibody technology with TTP Labtech’s sol-R Reagents will deliver reproducibility, quality and efficiency to life science researchers, accelerating their research.

"The new kits have been designed for researchers carrying out high-throughput immunoassays including drug discovery in biotech, pharma and contract research organisations.”

TTP Labtech will offer Alexa Fluor technology, one of the most frequently cited and trusted fluorochromes, with the kits to ensure the quality of the fluorescent signal produced by the kits.1

The new sol-R reagent kits will be released at MipTec, Basel, 11–13 September.


  1. Alexa Fluor 488 (AF488) Streptavidin, licensed by Thermo Fisher Scientific.
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