Colorcon introduces Acryl-EZE II

Published: 5-Nov-2014

Enteric system is being co-launched with Evonik Industries

Colorcon has introduced Acryl-EZE II, an optimised aqueous acrylic enteric system for pharmaceutical formulators.

According to Cornelis van den Muyzenberg, VP Global Business Development at Colorcon, Acryl-EZE II is a high performance enteric coating system that eliminates the need for plasticiser addition and can be applied at lower weight gains than existing Acryl-EZE systems.

‘This advanced film coating system offers enteric performance over a wide range of pH media for acid-labile drug formulations, as well as to help prevent drug-induced stomach irritation. It is a fully formulated system which brings not only convenience but also reduces potential errors of raw material handling and application during manufacturing,’ he said.

Acryl-EZE II, available in wide range of pigmented formulations, is produced by Colorcon and combines the benefits of a fully formulated system with the features and performance of Evonik’s globally accepted enteric polymer Eudragit L 100-55.

The new product is being co-launched under Colorcon’s cooperation agreement with Evonik Industries, announced at CPhI 2013, for the marketing and technical support of Acryl-EZE aqueous acrylic enteric systems.

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