Concept Life Sciences expands GXP compliance

Published: 9-Feb-2018

Concept Life Sciences, the integrated drug discovery, development and analytical services company, announced the completion of the first phase of its GXP compliance plan, achieving GLP (good laboratory practice) accreditation of its Dundee site for in vitro safety studies and bioanalysis

The successful MHRA inspection was carried out at Concept’s Dundee site in December 2017, confirming GLP accreditation for in vitro safety studies and bioanalysis.

The accreditation increases the breadth of services the company is able to offer to customers requiring regulatory studies, providing assurance of data integrity and compliance with international standards, ensuring acceptance of the data by global regulatory bodies.

GLP refers to a quality system of management controls to ensure uniformity, consistency, reliability, reproducibility, quality and integrity in non-clinical laboratory studies and gives confidence in the safety assessment of a compound.

GLP applies to the pharmaceutical industry and the required non-clinical animal testing that must be performed prior to approval of new drug products, and also to many other non-pharmaceutical agents such as colour additives, food additives, food contamination limits, food packaging, and medical devices.

The accreditation forms part of a phased plan in H1 2018 to expand GXP compliance (including GLP and GMP) at the company’s facilities across the UK, to expand services to manufacture of API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) material and to further support development of compounds from the discovery stage to full IND packages.

John Handley, Chief Operating Officer, Concept Life Sciences, said: “Concept Life Sciences has a strategy in place to expand GXP compliance across multiple sites, as part of our drive to expand the services we offer to our clients. We are delighted that the Dundee site has achieved GLP certification and look forward to announcing the next stage in the growth of the Company.”

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