CoolPall Vertos keeps medicines cold


Temperature-controlled pack is flat-packed, modular and easy to assemble

Peli BioThermal has added the CoolPall Vertos high performance temperature-controlled packing system for the global cold chain market to its portfolio.

The product is flat-packed, modular, and fast and easy to assemble. It includes an inspection hatch, which minimises the potential for any excursions from the required temperature during customs inspections; free-standing components that lock into place; and an interlocking high-density construction, which increases the possibility of re-use.

Peli BioThermal Packaging Design Engineer Sean Austerberry said: 'CoolPall Vertos represents a step change in the way we interact with bulk temperature-controlled distribution – the ethos behind the design was to be streamlined and quick.

'The ergonomic design utilises innovative interlocking components to ensure very quick and easy assembly – timed trials are at just three minutes.

'Utilising high density, moulded materials for thermal and mechanical robustness means it remains lightweight and modular components across the entire range reduces inventory.'

Peli BioThermal is the result of a new collaboration between temperature control packaging solution providers Cool Logistics and Minnesota Thermal Science. UK-based Cool Logistics has joined forces with Minnesota Thermal Science under their new owner Peli Products.

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CoolPall Vertos is the latest addition to Peli BioThermal’s suite of products and services which offer longevity, reusability and sustainability to provide the safe transport of pharmaceuticals, tissue, diagnostics/clinical trials, vaccines and blood samples.