Copley Scientific to launch new range of mouthpiece adapters


New accessories for inhaled product testing to be shown at RDD Europe 2013

Copley Scientific is introducing a new range of standard, off-the-shelf mouthpiece adapters for routine testing of a number of commercially available inhalers at Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) Europe 2013 (21-24 May, Berlin, Germany). Designed to interface with both dose uniformity sampling apparatus (DUSA) and the cascade impactors used for aerodynamic particle size measurement, the new mouthpiece adapters offer an efficient, cost-effective solution for testing some of the most widely used inhalers on the market.

Dose uniformity and aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD) measurements provide key characterisation data for orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs) in line with regulatory guidance. The new standard, off-the-shelf adapters interface an inhaler mouthpiece with the inlets of either the DUSA for MDIs or DPIs, or the USP/Ph.Eur induction ports used with cascade impactors to measure APSD. They will save users time and money by avoiding the need to obtain bespoke solutions for routinely used inhaler devices, as is currently the case.

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Each adapter is specially moulded from high quality silicone rubber, which guarantees an airtight seal between the inhaler mouthpiece and test apparatus, while also ensuring that the mouthpiece is flush with the inlet of the test apparatus.

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