CordenPharma invests in low to mid-kg peptide manufacturing

Published: 25-Nov-2020

The company completed earlier this year an expansion of its solid-phase peptide synthesis manufacturing capacity with the addition of an extra-large 3'000 L SPPS vessel

CordenPharma Colorado has approved a long-term expansion initiative, aiming to further increase its flexibility and efficiency.

For the first phase of this commitment, customised automated synthesizer production lines will be installed. This infrastructure is aimed to strengthen the company’s existing manufacturing of peptides in the low to mid-kg scale range, complementing the large-scale manufacturing capabilities at CordenPharma Colorado.

Special emphasis on design will enable a tech transfer process from the company’s Peptide Development Centre of Excellence in Frankfurt, Germany, with an exact mirroring of its non-GMP production lines that are currently being installed.

The expansion initiative will be augmented by an integrated supply of peptide APIs to injectable drug products from CordenPharma Caponago, the company’s facility in Italy dedicated to the formulation development and drug product manufacturing of sterile injectables.

By leveraging its global facility network, this vertical supply model spans the cGMP supply chain from raw materials, intermediates, and APIs, to commercial-scale drug product manufacturing, finished dosage formulation, clinical trial services, & pharma logistics.

The company boasts over 110 years of cumulative peptide experience across our global facility network in Europe and the US: “Our experience gained in both solid-phase and liquid-phase manufacturing allows for a high level of response to growing local demand at the country and community level, particularly during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.”

The purification of the final peptide is performed at any scale using column chromatography, with columns ranging from 5 cm to 100 cm. The company’s development team has developed expertise in the isolation of peptides by precipitation, a method which has been transferred to production in a number of commercial products.

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