DHL station in LA becomes qualified Envirotainer provider

Published: 18-Mar-2011

Additional DHL stations to be QEP accredited in 2011 across the US

Logistics firm Envirotainer has accredited DHL’s Los Angeles (LAX) station as a Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP). It is among several DHL stations to be QEP accredited this year.

DHL is the largest forwarder of Envirotainer air cargo containers used for temperature-sensitive shipments.

The LAX station completed within three months the QEP training, documentation and audit, gaining Envirotainer’s quality endorsement to carry out shipments in its containers.

‘Our Los Angeles station manages multiple Envirotainer shipments of life science products monthly, and we know this is a big responsibility, which is why we have taken the extra step to become QEP accredited to demonstrate our commitment to the industry,’ said Angelos Orfanos, president Life Sciences & Healthcare at DHL.

The LAX station transports temperature and time-sensitive drugs from some of the world’s top biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers. The 190,000ft2 station dedicates approximately 70,000ft2 to exports that are mainly shipped to Egypt, Guatemala, India and Russia.

Envirotainer, headquartered in Sweden, is a pioneer of active temperature-controlled air cargo containers, launching its QEP/ CEP Training and Quality Programme at the request of shippers of healthcare products and in response to industry guidance. The programme confirms that providers meet their obligations as defined in the current Good Distribution Practices (GDP) guidance documents, including the requirements of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

DHL Global Forwarding currently has 17 Life Science Competence Centers worldwide and plans to increase this to 37 by the end of the year.

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