Envirotainer expands cold chain capabilities in America

Published: 21-Sep-2023

The company has announced the expansion of its network capabilities in America, bringing its cold chain solutions for the shipment temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals to a wider market

Envirotainer, the specialist in secure cold chain solutions for the shipment of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, has expanded its network capabilities in the Americas. The company has enhanced its operations and added more containers to handle the increasing volume of orders being shipped from the region. 

Envirotainer’s RAP e2 containers are now able to make five times more one-way trips from the Americas to APAC compared to last year. The company has also seen a remarkable 65% increase in one-way capabilities for shipments of its RKN e1 containers. 

Niklas Adamsson, Chief Operating Officer at Envirotainer, commented: “The expansion of our network underlines our commitment to the region. By increasing our container capacity and enhancing our services, we’re ensuring life-saving medicines are available to patients where, and when, needed.” 

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Delphine Perridy Boile, Chief Sales Officer at Envirotainer, added, “We are proud to offer enhanced capabilities in the Americas, further strengthening our position as the global market leader in pharmaceutical cold chain solutions. With our expanded network, we can better serve our customers in this region as well as facilitate the seamless transportation of pharmaceuticals to APAC.” 

Envirotainer is dedicated to improving access to biopharmaceuticals worldwide and has witnessed a 24 per cent increase in the volume of life-saving medicines shipped around the world in its temperature-controlled units. In 2021, the Envirotainer fleet moved approximately 600 million doses, which grew to around 744 million doses (272,000 pallets) in 2022. 

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