Ellutia opens GC Excellence Academy in Cambridgeshire

Published: 21-Sep-2017

Leading British gas chromatography supplier, Ellutia, has opened a dedicated training centre at its new state-of-the-art facility in Ely, Cambridgeshire

The Gas Chromatography (GC) Excellence Academy will host training courses by Royal Society of Chemistry (an approved independent trainer), Anthias Consulting and Ellutia-led sessions by the company’s technical experts.

As part of the Academy’s programme, Anthias Consulting will be delivering its 1 day course ‘The Absolute Basics of GC and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)’ and its more involved ‘5-day Complete GC and GC-MS’ training in January 2018.

Ellutia’s experts will offer a range of sessions, some are bespoke for customers and others will cover key application areas including: brewing, food safety, petrochemical and environmental analysis.

Andrew James, Ellutia’s Marketing Director, said: “Mastering the use of modern gas chromatography instruments and maximising their potential is a key objective for scientists, students and researchers alike. Our deep heritage and expertise in GC techniques and our incredibly close relationships with customers mean that we place as much emphasis on equipping GC users with the insight they need, as we do on developing great products.

“We are looking forward to offering a range of courses at our new GC Excellence Academy to provide insights and training to customers, students and other scientists with the goal of advancing GC knowledge and expanding the use of this highly versatile technique.”

The Academy is housed at Ellutia’s new premises at Lancaster Way Business Park, Ely, which covers 15,000 sq.ft.

The investment made in the site supports the company’s vision to be a world leader in the design and production of innovative and unique gas chromatography instruments.


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