Essential criteria for a successful CDMO partnership


Critical qualities to look for in a CDMO

As a CDMO, placing the focus on customer relationships and ensuring access, transparency, and alignment are essential to success. But before the partnership begins, the evaluation of potential CDMO partners should include key questions that can highlight whether that CDMO will value the customer experience, such as:

In the latest Pharma’s Almanac article, TriRx Pharmaceutical Services’ Chief Client Services Officer Michael Kays and Vice President of Sales Jeremy Tatum examine these commonly overlooked questions in partnership discussions and highlight how CDMOs can establish a culture to be an ideal partner for potential customers with a range of sizes, needs, and processes.

At TriRx, our focus has always been on making customers feel that our sites are their sites and that our people are their people. Learn more about the importance of strong customer relationships and how nimble CDMOs keep their eyes on the customer experience in the face of ever-changing customer needs.

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