Explore Sensum’s equipment brochure for visual inspection and sorting systems


Equipment is aimed at the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries

Cost considerations for visual inspection systems

Cost considerations for visual inspection systems

In 2018, Sensum entered the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets and opened a new production plant for in-house manufacturing of its own products and for computer-controlled production of demanding machine parts.

Now, Sensum has released an informative equipment brochure for its visual inspection and sorting machines. At the same time, the company has also released a whitepaper explaining how to choose the optimal inspection equipment.

The Slovenian company develops, produces and sells these automatic visual inspection solutions, covering high and mid-capacity solutions for 100% quality inspection of tablets, capsules, transparent capsules and softgels and in-line PAT solution for real-time visual monitoring.

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They also have strong R&D ties with the Imaging Technologies Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering and the University of Ljubljana to keep in touch with the latest scientific developments.