FRAME makes senior appointment to bolster profile raising campaign


Amy Beale

Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME), a medical research charity committed to replacing the use of animals in scientific experiments, has appointed a Senior Scientific Liaison Officer as it embarks on a major profile raising campaign.

Amy Beale, a graduate in Equine Science from DMU, has joined FRAME from the classroom after many years’ experience as a science teacher. Beale has always been passionate about promoting positive animal welfare messages through science and previously worked for RSPCA Education.

Beale feels her experience at the animal protection charity has given her a solid foundation for her new role at FRAME.

Beale said: “I have always had an interest in issues affecting animal welfare and it was at the RSPCA that I first heard about the three ‘R’s — replacement, reduction and refinement — as a way forward for ultimately ending animal experimentation. This is a philosophy I fully support and I am committed to raising awareness of.”

“It is all about reducing the number of animals used in bio-medical research, replacing experimentation using animals with scientifically proven alternatives that do not and refining existing practices to reduce suffering.”

Beale said her new role would involve engaging with new and existing supporters and stakeholders of FRAME to promote the activities of the charity.

Beale said: “For me this is not an issue about animal rights but about improving animal welfare. Ultimately the aim is to eliminate the need for using any animals in medical and scientific research.”

“Unfortunately, at the moment, this is not possible due to a lack of alternative non-animal methods, coupled with regulatory requirements. To achieve this aim, scientists need to be developing and researching new techniques and promoting awareness of them – and this is exactly what FRAME does.”

Dr Anna Cadogan, Chair of Trustees at FRAME, said: “We are pleased to welcome Amy as part of our team. Not only does she have a science and education background, she also has a long-established commitment to animal welfare.

“She will play a vital role in taking FRAME to the next level as we seek to raise our profile and attract the backing of new sponsors. This will enable us to build on the excellent work our scientists are already carrying out, which in itself would not have been possible without our existing list of committed corporate supporters.”

FRAME already has the backing of more than 20 corporate sponsors including Boots, Procter & Gamble UK, Unilever and Waitrose.

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