Vetter Pharma invests $4.1m in Ravensburg training facility

Published: 23-Sep-2020

The centre opened on September 14, with a small celebration held for management, training management and trainees.

Vetter trainees have started learning and working in the company's new training centre, located in Ravensburg, Germany.

The building, which was specially converted for trainees and students, houses various workshops where the trainees can build their technical skills. They will also learn about methods such as 3D printing and computer-aided 3D construction.

An electrical workshop and a robotics work area round off the diverse range of learning areas. Vetter invested around $4.1m (€3.5m) in the center and in the training itself.

With more than 100 trainees, Vetter says it has one of the largest training programs in the region. In September 2020, 39 trainees and students started with the company.

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