Full digital access to all customer and doctor interactions


New software integration allows information to be shared so that sales and marketing teams have a complete view of customer engagement

Veeva Systems have begun a new integration between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Veeva CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Veeva CRM is core to Veeva Commercial Cloud, bringing together customer data, compliant content and multichannel engagement for life sciences companies.

The integration of Veeva CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows information to be shared between the two cloud solutions, so that sales and marketing teams can have a complete view of customer engagement.

Marketing activities and data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud are available in Veeva CRM, while all Veeva CRM data and multichannel interactions flow directly into Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

This includes Veeva CRM Approved Email, Veeva CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) and Veeva CRM Suggestions.

Customers that use both cloud solutions gain full visibility of face-to-face and digital interactions, with which to deliver a consistent experience to healthcare professionals.

Through the Veeva Vault API, teams can author, search and access compliant documents without leaving Salesforce Service Cloud.

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Additionally, all doctor interactions are logged so that customer service and support can track progress through analytics tools in Salesforce Service Cloud and Veeva Vault.