GEA to present at University of Leeds spray drying course


At the upcoming 'Spray Drying and Atomisation of Formulations' course, Henrik Schwartzbach from GEA will give a presentation on scaling up and modelling the spray drying process

At the upcoming 'Spray Drying and Atomisation of Formulations' course, taking place at the University of Leeds, UK, from 12-14 April, Henrik Schwartzbach from GEA will give a presentation on scaling up and modelling the spray drying process. During the course, held in partnership with iFormulate and supported by ProCept, delegates will gain an understanding of how fluid properties, rheology and atomisation performance influence spray drying, learn how to manipulate drying parameters to affect product microstructure, material properties and quality parameters, and ensure safe operation.

Offering a practical course involving demonstrations, theory and real industrial case studies, industry and academic experts will provide essential scientific background information as well as practical hands-on laboratory demonstrations. Plus, following the success of the 2015 course, the 2016 programme now includes an additional half day to look at powder finishing, modelling and future developments in spray drying.

Day one will focus on the theory of spray drying and the atomisation of formulations and will include practical demonstrations. On day two, experienced specialists will show how the science of spray drying has been applied to influence the properties of real formulated products during 'Industrial Formulation Case Studies'. Finally, day three will look at powder finishing, modelling and the future of spray drying.

GEA is a global supplier of spray drying technology for a wide range of industries, including food, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical, and a regular contributor to industry conferences, workshops and symposia. This is the third time the company has presented at this event, having been impressed by the attendance and interest shown previously.

Schwartzbach will be presenting on behalf of GEA. He is a chemical engineer and has been working for GEA since 1992, specialising in R&D and optimising spray-drying processes. Focusing on scale-up techniques for the last few years, Schwartzbach has developed an in-depth knowledge and expertise at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical spray drying. As a senior process technologist at GEA, he is deeply involved in setting and improving industry standards for the sector.

'I’ve spoken at the event a number of times, now, and remain very impressed by the faculty of speakers, the course content and the knowledge and level of interest from the attendees,' he said. 'It’s a great pleasure to be invited back to participate once again.' Throughout the event, Schwartzbach will be available to answer any questions and provide further insight into this flexible, reproducible, efficient and economical technique.

With a long history of serving the pharmaceutical industry, GEA can supply spray dryers for R&D and product development, as well as modules, equipment and complete lines for cGMP, continuous and highly contained production, for excipients, APIs and finished products. In its test facilities around the world, including the world’s largest and most advanced spray drying technology centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, GEA has 75 pilot plants where it can process your formulation – be it an emulsion, a suspension or a solution – into a dry product. A pioneer in all aspects of spray drying with more than 10,000 contracted and installed plants worldwide, GEA can help you to choose the most suitable equipment, assessing each project on its individual needs and tailor the process and the spray dryer to match your specific requirements.

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The course is intended for a specialist audience of scientists, engineers, and university researchers who have a particular interest in the optimisation of spray drying processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. The last booking date for the event is 11 April 2016. Enquiries and reservations can be made by emailing

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