Genomic Vision launches cell characterisation service for biomanufacturing

Published: 21-Jul-2023

The France-based company has launched HexaCard, a new service for characterising transformed cell lines

Genomic Vision, a Euronext-listed biotechnology company that develops products and services for the highly accurate characterisation of DNA sequences, has announced the launch of its new service, HexaCard.

HexaCard is an application of Genomic Vision's proprietary Molecular Combing Technology (MCT) that offers precise visualiastion and measurement of individual DNA molecules. HexaCard aims to consolidate multiple technologies used in assessing engineered genome modifications, offering a streamlined, one-stop-shop solution for the cell and gene therapy (CGT), and biomanufacturing industries. By combining six analytical parameters into a single assay, Genomic Vision's HexaCard service offers a range of advantages in bioproduction and CGT applications.

By providing an accurate genetic ID card for each clone or batch, we eliminate the risks associated with cellular cross-contamination and misidentification

- Florent Pestelle, Chief Operating Officer of Genomic Vision

The six analytical parameters assessed by HexaCard encompass crucial aspects of cell line characterisation. These parameters include determining copy number, assessing orientation, identifying integration sites, evaluating genetic integrity in the target region, analysing on/off target insertions, and establishing a genetic signature for stability assessment. This comprehensive analysis ensures the selection of the most suitable clones, enhancing productivity and stability while reducing turnaround time and costs.

Hexacard service

With HexaCard, researchers and biomanufacturers can confidently optimise their processes, make informed decisions, and mitigate the risks associated with non-competent cell line development. By enabling the identification of transgene stability, clonality and providing a unique genetic ID card for each clone or batch, HexaCard ensures the accuracy of the entire production pipeline.

This state-of-the-art service addresses the unmet need to accurately characterise genetic construct of transformed cell, the prevalent issues of misidentified cell lines and cellular cross-contamination. This technology, coupled with the Company’s AI-based analysis software, FiberSmart®, generates comprehensive data and insights that facilitates quantitative decision-making capabilities. HexaCard forms part of Genomic Visions’ broader suite of complementary tools to safely accelerate development time, reduce cost of bioproduction & cell and gene therapies.

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Today’s announcement is further execution of the Company’s refocused strategy in the Bioproduction and CGT arenas. Addressing a c.$5 billion market opportunity Genomic Vision is well positioned for growth with a clear strategic roadmap in place to expand its core offering and capitalise on the increasing demand for targeted advanced therapies in high-growth industries.

Florent Pestelle, Chief Operating Officer of Genomic Vision, said: "Genomic Vision's HexaCard service empowers researchers and biomanufacturers with a groundbreaking solution to overcome the challenges of cell line characterisation. By providing an accurate genetic ID card for each clone or batch, we eliminate the risks associated with cellular cross-contamination and misidentification. This allows our customers to boost productivity, ensure stability, and ultimately deliver high-quality products, while reducing both turnaround time and costs.”

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