Global lyophilisation market projected to reach US$5.1bn by 2019

North America has largest market but developing regions are also investing in the technology

Greater demand for lyophilisation products and services will drive overall world revenue to US$5.1bn by 2019 says MarketsandMarkets.1 The growing market for biopharmaceutical products and parenteral drugs, is likely to drive this growth.

Currently, the main drug classes using freeze drying technology are therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), insulins, interferons, other recombinant hormones, plasma and recombinant coagulation factors, biosimilars, vaccines and other therapeutic proteins.

According to event organiser SMi, the growing demand is contributing to the projected rise in investment, currently dominated by North America, which is expected to reach $4.80bn in 2020.

Emerging new technologies for drying and preserving pharmaceuticals, including controlled ice nucleation, will have an influence on the market, but there is also a need to solve quality and production issues.

Current lyophilisation advancements across the pharmaceutical industry, ranging from challenges in using the latest techniques, to issues during scale up through to applying Quality by Design principles, will be discussed at the SMi conference Lyophilisation and Freeze Drying USA on 29 and 30 April.

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