Glycotope Biotechnology expands cleanroom facilities


GMP production capacity will increase to 11kg of antibody a year

Heidelberg-based Glycotope Biotechnology, a full subsidiary of Germany company Glycotope GmbH, has initiated the setup of further cleanroom facilities as a first step in the expansion of its GMP-production capacities.

By mid 2011, the company will be able to produce 4kg of recombinant antibodies per year and up to 11 kg upon completion of works towards the end of 2011. In total an additional 1400m2 of facility and office space will be created.

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“In particular the expansion of our DSP (downstream processing) capacities now places us among the top providers of GMP-production for recombinant proteins and in particular antibodies in Germany,” said Dr Steffen Goletz, founder and ceo of Glycotope GmbH.