Hermes invests $23.6m in oral dosage form capabilities

Published: 26-Sep-2023

The company has revealed it is set to invest $23.6m to bolster production and storage capacity with greater operational efficiency to meet the demand for oral dosage forms

Oral dosage form specialist Hermes Pharma has announced it will invest €25 million (USD $23.6 million) to bolster its manufacturing capabilities.

The investment will arm the company with new equipment, increased production and storage capacity, and greater operational efficiency to meet the rapidly growing market demand for user-friendly oral dosage forms. As a result, Hermes will be able to further drive future growth, while helping new and existing customers to realise theirs. 

The pharmaceutical industry has long seen traditional tablets and capsules as the ‘gold standard’ of oral dosage forms. However, around 50% of people struggle to take them. Consequently, demand for easy-to-swallow oral dosage forms, such as orally disintegrating granules (ODGs), chewable tablets, lozenges, instant drinks, and effervescents, is soaring, with healthcare companies seeking to add them to their portfolios.

We look forward to getting new and improved user-friendly dosage forms to patients quickly and more efficiently than ever before

Dr Andreas Ulrich, COO of Hermes

For more than twenty years, Hermes has specialised in developing and manufacturing user-friendly oral dosage forms, with services covering the entire value chain — from new product development through to manufacturing, clinical studies, and regulatory support. 

To address the rapidly growing demand for these dosage forms, Hermes will invest in its specialist manufacturing plants, powering the company’s growth while unlocking greater scale, flexibility, and cost-efficiency for customers.

More specifically, the investment will add:

  • New, large-volume coating equipment to support growing need for advanced taste-masking
  • New filling and packaging lines for ODGs and instant drinks
  • Expanded Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturing space
  • Greater GMP storage capacity
  • Optimised flow of inventory/goods on the shop floor

“As pharmaceutical companies race to find ways to better serve patients and differentiate themselves in a competitive market, we’re seeing unprecedented demand for more patient-centric products,” said Dr Andreas Ulrich, COO of Hermes.

“Our latest investment will help us meet that demand, delivering ever greater service for our customers, while also helping us serve new customers across different market segments. We look forward to getting new and improved user-friendly dosage forms to patients quickly and more efficiently than ever before," continued Ulrich. 

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