Hovione increases production capacity

Published: 19-Oct-2018

New commercial scale equipment for blending, tableting and coating will complement existing development small scale equipment

Hovione has announced plans to increase production capacity in oral dosage forms at its Loures site, in Portugal, to strengthen its integrated offering.

As a specialist integrated CDMO, Hovione is increasingly being chosen as a solution partner from drug substance to drug product.

Hovione's ‘One Site Shop’ allows customers to streamline their supply chain, reduce time to market and benefit from seamless project management. This increase in capacity will help Hovione customers to consistently bring products faster to market.

Frédéric Kahn VP of Marketing and Sales at Hovione, said: “Hovione has a unique value proposition when it comes to processing amorphous solid dispersions. Our company has more than 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical spray drying and has produced hundreds of batches for clinical trials and commercial supplies."

"Our customers now see drug product manufacturing at the site where they produce their drug product intermediate as a natural extension of the range of value added services they expect from us. They want to keep their product in the same capable hands. This investment shows our commitment to listen to our customers and continue to support their evolving needs,” said Kahn.

In parallel Hovione will be completing by the end of 2018, the qualification of its continuous tableting line at Hovione New Jersey, which will enable the site to offer end-to-end solutions for US customers that are keen to keep their supply chain local.

The capacity expansion programme started in 2016 and will continue in the coming 5 years. In the first 2 years, Hovione has relocated its development services to a new centre with 7000 m2 in Lisbon, fully equipped with the most recent tools where Hovione is able to handle potent and highly potent compounds.

Locally, the Loures site expanded its drug substance reaction vessel capacity with a small-scale production area and a new pilot plant. Increasing the spray drying capacity at the site and starting the operation of a new drug product centre equipped with oral dosage form and inhalation manufacturing capabilities.

In New Jersey, Hovione doubled the size of its development and manufacturing operations. In Cork the company also expanded its chemical synthesis capacity devoted to contract manufacturing.

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