Hovione and GEA partner to advance continuous tableting technology

Published: 19-Mar-2024

The collaboration will aim to bring continuous tableting to the same level of maturity as batch tableting

Hovione, the specialist integrated CDMO and leader in spray drying and particle engineering and GEA, a global leader in process technology for the pharmaceutical industry, today announced the next stage of their partnership.

It begins with new development agreements, the launch of the ConsiGma CDC flex as well as the installation of a new lab-scale R&D continuous tableting rig in Hovione’s facilities in Portugal.

The two companies’ collective knowledge of continuous tableting is being applied to streamline the technology and make it more accessible to pharmaceutical customers worldwide. 

The two expert teams are collaborating to bring continuous tableting to the same level of maturity as batch tableting, thereby capturing the known benefits of continuous manufacturing while reducing the downsides.

The ConsiGma CDC flex (patent pending), has been designed as a truly versatile system which can operate seamlessly in both continuous and batch modes and offer both high and low throughput functionality. 

With a focus on user-friendliness, the ConsiGma range will be augmented further with new developments to simplify routine development operations and introduce automated workflows and Smart controls interfaces, empowering operators to streamline production processes.


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GEA will also supply Hovione with lab-scale feeding and blending systems for R&D applications which will bolster Hovione’s current GMP equipment for both continuous direct compression (CDC) and wet granulation continuous tableting and complement the non-GMP test capabilities of GEA in Wommelgem, Belgium.

Since signing the original collaboration agreement last year, the two companies have worked predominantly on two areas of the partnership: developing the technology and the joint promotion of continuous tableting. 

Presentations that explain how the technology has advanced will take place during the continuous tableting conference in Portugal (16–18 April), organised by Concept Heidelberg, and another event in the US (16-18 September), organised by Continuous Manufacturing Forum.

“We believe that continuous tableting can offer significant benefits to our customers, not only by shortening time to market and reducing development and manufacturing costs but also by improving product quality and sustainability”, commented Filipe Gaspar, VP Technology Intensification at Hovione. “Through our collaboration with GEA, we aim to revolutionise the continuous production of oral solid dosage forms, making the technology more accessible and efficient for pharma customers.”

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