How to ensure key roles have the right training plan


This white paper by Anne Davies, previously Associate Client Director at NSF International, discusses what is expected for the individual and how to provide appropriate training

How to ensure key roles have the right training plan

A common theme NSF International discusses with its clients is the need to be sure that individuals know what they are expected to do.

Poor, inappropriate actions, or just inactivity, can lead some people’s managers and colleagues to believe that they are either incompetent or not aware of the expectations of their role.

It could be that their role is not well defined or scoped. In these circumstances it is easy to see how things fall through the cracks.

Invariably, NSF finds that education in the technical understanding of the business helps to change behaviour; after all, the industry has never been better equipped with highly qualified and intelligent people.

What is needed is context and breadth of understanding to be provided. Application will usually follow and with that appropriate behaviour.

To help clarify roles, Anne Davies has been working with a number of clients on certifying key roles, and the results have been very positive.

Feedback from the individuals has shown that they finally “get it” and working in the QA, manufacturing or QC environment is so much easier and rewarding.

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