LIVE FROM CPHI: Schreiner MediPharm doubles patient protection with Flexi-Cap


The security concept is based on an innovative combination of label and cap

Schreiner MediPharm's highlight at this year's CPhI is the latest development of Flexi-Cap, an innovative security solution which irreversibly shows that a primary container has been opened, and thus prevents illegal reuse and filling of empty containers with counterfeit substances.

The concept has been expanded to include coloured film caps to indicate medication and strength for easy recognition by healthcare workers to help in avoiding medication errors.

Schreiner MediPharm says the Flexi-Cap also makes it impossible for counterfeiters to refill discarded containers and illegally sell them as originals. The security concept is based on an innovative combination of label and cap. The film cap is first put over the closed container, then the label is applied without covering the peel-open tab on the opening strip. Once the strip is opened, the bottom part of the cap, together with the label, remains attached to the container. Attempting to remove the reset of the cap destroys the label. This eliminates the possibility of illegal, unnoticed reuse.

Due to the novel coloured film caps, Flexi-Cap can now also be used to prevent medication errors. Such colour marking allows doctors and nurses to instantly verify that they are handling the right product and dosage. Therefore, the cap’s transparent film material is printed using a variety of easily-differentiated colours. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can design caps to meet specific requirements and because there is also ample space for customer-specific designs, they can also include branding components.

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Flexi-Cap allows flexible use with different container types, forms and sizes. Unlike shrink-wrap solutions, the label construction can be applied without using heat, making it suitable for temperature-sensitive medicines. The top of Flexi-Cap allows space for bar code printing or NFC chip integration for electronic tracking. In addition, important user information can be communicated and patient compliance documented.