LIVE FROM INTERPACK: Sanner introduces desiccant products

Published: 16-May-2011

With added product safety and convenience

Friedrich Sanner, a German supplier of desiccant closures for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, added a number of new products at Interpack, including the CR-FlipTop with integrated desiccant and new child-proof lock, 360 Capsules with moisture absorption in all positions, and StripTech One, a test strip packaging with added product safety.

Featuring a new childproof lock and integrated desiccant, the one-piece CR-FlipTop packaging for tablets has a ‘press-in push-up’ mechanism and attached bottle for tablets or capsules. The cap with integrated desiccant remains on the bottle, which means there is less risk of misplacing or losing it. A tamper-proof seal eliminates the need for a separate foil membrane. The integrated desiccant provides moisture protection and eliminates the need for desiccant capsules, sachets or canisters placed on the bottle, while the packaging itself ensures excellent barrier properties.

‘Our cap offers clear advantages over the conventional press-and-twist versions,’ said Christoph Nöker, Sanner head of global sales. ‘The effort required to open the CR-FlipTop is significantly less, which makes the packaging much more user-friendly.’

Safety on all sides is guaranteed by the 360 Capsule, which absorbs moisture through a cardboard disc on top as well as through a unique lattice structure in the capsule wall. Moisture absorption is ensured in every position within the bottle, even when the capsule is lying on the cardboard side after filling.

The StripTech One holds up to 50 blood sugar test strips used in home diagnostics. An integrated desiccant provides optimal atmospheric conditions for each test strip. The slim, space-saving shape matches the new generation of blood glucose measuring devices. An optimised design for the dispenser opening ensures that test strips come out one at a time and keeps fingers out of the package.

Nöker said there is no risk of contamination or damage to the test strips, which can affect measurement accuracy.

‘It is convenient for the user, discreet, slimline and user-friendly,’ he added. ‘It is impossible to lose the cap and it can be opened and closed with one hand.’

The shape of the opening also facilitates the dispensing of single test strips.

Sanner, based in Bennsheim, Germany produces two billion plastic parts each year for standard products and custom solutions. With more than 400 employees in Germany, China, Hungary, and the US, the company generated annual sales in excess of €40m in 2010.

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