Leukocare and Sanofi Pasteur co-operate on vaccine stabilisation

Published: 25-Jul-2011

Technology combines shelf-life extension and radiation protection in a single product

Leukocare, a privately-owned specialist company for protein stabilisation and biological surface coating, has signed a co-operation agreement with Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi. As part of this co-operation, Sanofi Pasteur will explore Leukocare’s Stabilising and Protecting Solutions (SPS) platform technology to enhance the shelf-life of selected vaccine formulations.

Leukocare’s SPS technology is employed in the biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics industries to enhance the shelf-life of proteins and to enable terminal sterilisation by irradiation or ethylene oxide.

Terminal sterilisation allows for a significant reduction in production costs by avoiding complex aseptic production and at the same time, improves product safety, as most sources of error can be excluded in one single step.

Many biologics are prone to chemical and physical degradation as well as destabilisation or unfolding in response to temperature, radiation and hydrolysis during production, sterilisation and storage.

Leukocare’s SPS combines the stabilising and protecting properties required for shelf-life extension and radiation protection in a single product.

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