Live from ACHEMA: Alfa Laval debuts Culturefuge 200

Published: 19-Jun-2015

This new gentle separator system is purpose-built for the biopharmaceutical industry

Culturefuge 200 expands Alfa Laval’s range of hermetic cell culture centrifuges, designed for gentle harvesting of shear-sensitive material in applications involving mammalian cell cultures and precipitated proteins. The Culturefuge separator features the company's own hollow spindle feed arrangement, which ensures a very gentle, low-shear acceleration of the feed liquid.

Culturefuge 200 prevents the release of unwanted intracellular proteins and minimises the potential damage of fragile particles. Special care has been taken with maintaining hygienic standards and the unit can be sterilised and cleaned-in-place. In addition, the solids-ejecting system with fast and partial discharge ensures low product losses and drier solids.

All the inner working parts are non-contacting with the cell culture and the machines can also be made as contained systems for use with organisms that need to be contained.

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