Low-flow pumping with new Masterflex Miniflex pump head

Published: 15-Dec-2014

Easy setup, load and use with cost-effective pump head and drive from Cole-Parmer

A new compact pump for low flow fluid transfer offers the ease of use operators are looking for. The new Masterflex L/S Compact Pumps with Miniflex Pump Head from Cole-Parmer is a complete system which includes a pump head and drive.

Created for transferring, sampling, or filling applications in laboratories and research settings, the new peristaltic pump system delivers repeatable low flow rates with flow ranges of 1.8 to 220 mL/min (depending on the model and tubing size selected). It operates with continuous tubing, saving costs by eliminating leakage and the need for fittings or connections, thus providing a cleaner fluid path. Available with several formulations of tubing, automatic retention makes the tube loading quick and painless.

The stackable Masterflex pump operates with single-turn speed control for forward or reversible pumping and maintains speed setting when the pump is turned off. Select from single-channel and dual-channel models.

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