Marchesini Group focuses on pharma blister and cartridges packaging

Published: 26-Mar-2018

The Integra 320 and the FB 220 will be showcased at the FCE Pharma and Expo Pack in South America

The Marchesini Group will be taking part at packaging shows in Brazil and Mexico. Starting with FCE Pharma, from 22-24 May at the São Paulo Expo Center and shortly after, from 5-8 June, the Group will be at Expopack, at the Expo Bancomer Santa Fe in Mexico City.

On both occasions, Marchesini has decided to focus on pharmaceutical blister and cartridges packaging with its Integra 320, at FCE Pharma and with the FB 220 automatic deep draw thermoformer at Expopack.

Integra 320 is an innovative and ergonomic integrated robotised blister packaging line is designed to be installed in different industrial environments and to save time and costs thanks to its advanced technology.

The FB 220

The FB 220

The machine pitch control system, the cartoning section and the innovative carton opening and product insertion system boost production performance to 320 blisters and more than 260 cartons a minute. The blister thermoforming and carton packaging phases are integrated into one very compact line.

A three-axes Robocombi with suction cup pick-up head patented by Marchesini connects the two stations and minimises size change-over operations.

The Marchesini Group's FB 220 deep draw thermoformer is designed to form trays using thermoformable materials such as PVC.

FB 220 is a rugged, flexible and user-friendly machine, and thanks to its quick and simple size change-over operations. It is an ideal solution for medium to high speed pharmaceutical production plants.

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