Marchesini pulls a crowd at Interpack 2017


Italian packaging company discussed robotics, digitalised manufacturing and all things Industry 4.0

Interpack recently ended with success for the Marchesini Group. 5,000 visitors entered the 1,200sqm in Pavilion 8a throughout the exhibition week, with visitors from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, China and the UK.

Integra 520 V

The Commercial Director of the Marchesini Group, Pietro Tomasi, said: “On Monday and Tuesday, people had to queue to take a look at our flagship robotic blister packaging line, Integra 520 V, which was on show for the first time this year.”

The system has a pushing unit with drum carton opening system to handle high speeds and to a new system to pick-up and insert the leaflet.

Integra 520 V was showcased with an end-of- line system made up of the new and fast FA 04, capable of producing up to 500 cartons a minute, and of the new casepacker MC 820 TT for Track and Trace requirements.


Visitors were also intrigued by the counting unit, Valida, by Tonazzi-Vasquali Division. This machine can count 3,000 pills a minute.

Valida utilises a new pill counting and integrity check system, called “Multivision”, made up of cameras that control the correct shape, colour and height of the pills from overhead using laser triangulation.

The software developed in-house, which manages the machine with a synchronised system to guarantee the count and integrity of the pill and to detect feasible intrusions.

Valida can also be used as a pre-feeder on a blister line to check the integrity of each pill and possibly reject it before it is fed into the blister.

Unlike conventional cameras that control the product from the top only, Valida’s laser triangulation system is capable of detecting the thickness of the pills.

As a result, it can detect pills broken in half and reject them, to avoid having to reject a whole blister.

BL A420 CW

Among the most viewed machines was the new BL A420 CW by Neri Division. Its load cell completely integrates into the step conveyance system and controls the weight of each package.

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This system is more compact than other solutions on the marketplace, which offer solutions with weighing units with their own conveyance system separate from the labelling machine.