Market leading PAT software on show at IFPAC Puerto Rico 2016

Optimal joins a wide selection of global experts on PAT for pharmaceutical manufacturing at the Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort in Carolina, Puerto Rico

Optimal Industrial Automation has announced that its market leading synTQ V5 Process Analytical Technology (PAT) enabling software suite will be on show at IFPAC Puerto Rico 2016 for the thirteenth annual IFPAC PAT and Quality by Design (QbD) summit.

Optimal has long been at the forefront of PAT technology, with its synTQ software now in its fifth generation and fast becoming the de facto industry standard. As evidence of its position, synTQ has already been adopted by more than half of the global pharmaceutical industry majors.

While providing cutting-edge PAT solutions to industry for a number of years, Optimal has joined voices such as those from the regulators in being vocal about the far reaching benefits that a shift to embracing PAT technology can bring to the life science industry and, consequently, patients.

PAT offers pharmaceutical manufacturers with the opportunity to drastically reduce development and manufacturing timescales and increase productivity, therefore significantly reducing associated costs. And as instrument technology extends, this opportunity becomes available to large molecule processes as well as small molecule.

Typically, manufacturing pharmaceuticals is a lengthy process, with manual quality checks required multiple times during the production process. However, synTQ enables the automated quality assurance of critical quality attributes for both batch and continuous processes, and so a true holistic picture of your product’s quality is assured. Furthermore, the process can be controlled in real time on the basis of product quality, and so the optimisation of product quality is assured. This can reduce production cycle times from weeks to hours, and truly enables Real-Time Release Testing, which further reduces the cycle time and work in progress.

Martin Gadsby, Director of Optimal Industrial Automation, is looking forward to building on a positive reception to synTQ V5 from existing synTQ users and potential new users alike. ‘We are aiming to build on the interest we received during Interphex 2016 for synTQ V5, with a wide range of potential clients having laboratory, manufacturing and pilot plant applications, together with industry specialists showing enthusiasm towards becoming synTQ Application Partners.’

‘synTQ V5 expands on the comprehensive PAT capabilities offered by the previous V4 software, the far reaching quality, time and cost benefits applying to most processes and applications. As a company we are committed to being part of the discussion on PAT and its implementation worldwide,’ he added.