Medtracker addresses the need for accurate serialisation and data management


System supports different serialisation systems used in different countries or regions

Atlantic Zeiser has released Medtracker, a data management software solution for pharma applications that enables users to comply with legal requirements for serialising products.

Serialisation standards require manufacturers to add codes to products in accordance with where they are sold. Typically this involves multiple data interfaces; an external one connected to a central database (often government controlled) from a particular country or region, and one or more internal interfaces linked to a company’s printing and packaging lines, as well as enterprise-level software systems such as ERP.

According to Atlantic Zeiser, the Medtracker system supports these different serialisation systems and automatically maps the related workflows. The software generates unique codes based on random numbers, distributes them to all associated printers in the network, accumulates and manages additional track and trace information, and provides necessary data through external and internal interfaces as required.

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Other system features include the ability to define and add products to be serialised; support for various coding schemes for different countries and regions; flexible audit and reporting tools that fulfill all legal and industry-specific demands; a fully automated workflow-driven process; and a high level of data consistency and security.