Nalgene bottles and carboys meet lab standards

Thermo Fisher provides high-quality leakproof containers

Nalgene bottles range in size from 4ml to 50L

Thermo Fisher Scientific is offering Nalgene bottles, carboys and containers for a range of applications, in sizes ranging from 4ml to 50L.

In addition, each bottle comes with a leakproof guarantee and is available in a range of certified resins for laboratory, food and pharmaceutical use.

The complete portfolio of Nalgene bottles and containers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with both narrow and wide mouths.

Classic standard Nalgene lab quality bottles provide performance and protection, while Nalgene economy bottles are lighter-weight versions of the original, designed for light-duty, general-purpose laboratory applications.

Thermo Fisher says both ranges are produced in an ISO-certified facility with high lot-to-lot consistency, assuring consistent quality, uniform wall thickness and reliability.

Nalgene bottles and containers are also available in a variety of materials, each with specific properties for chemical resistance, autoclavability, inertness and temperature tolerance.

Thermo Fisher offers an online bottle and selection guide, at, to assist users in choosing the optimal container for each application.